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Tiktok Downloader HD is a free and fast TikTok video downloader tool that helps you download TikTok videos without a watermark in HD quality and allows you to convert TikTok to MP4. Popular social media app TikTok’ terms allows you to download public TikTok videos for offline viewing but downloaded videos come with an annoying watermark and logo which keep shuffling throughout the video, making it look bad and spoil the video’s quality. But our No-Watermark TikTok video Downloader, an easy-to-use TikTok video downloader tool allows you to save No-Watermark TikTok Videos on your phone, Tablet, PC, computer, and laptop for offline viewing. So you can share your favorite videos with your friends, and family or share them on social media and video hosting websites without an annoying watermark or logo.

Our tool is also a TikTok to MP4 converter that works on Mobile phones, Laptop, computer and it can be used on every operating system (eg. Android, iOS, Windows) and can be open in any web browser with an active internet connection by just visiting tiktokdownloadhd.com. Hence, you don’t need to install any software or mobile application on your device.

This tool is fast and free and all you need is a link of TikTok video you wish to download. Simply, Paste the video link in Input box (located at the top of this page) and click on download button. That’s it, your desired TikTok video will be downloaded onto your device without watermark, within a few seconds. Amazing thing is that before clicking on “Download” button you can see a preview of the video and select the video quality for downloading. This tool download TikTok videos in 720p, 1080p, 1440p (QHD (Quad HD) QHD or Quad HD resolution), 1920×1080, and other available HD and ultra HD resolutions.

List of Video Resolutions you can download by using our TikTok to MP4 converter

Resolution TypeCommon NameAspect RatioPixel Size
SD (Standard Definition)480p4:3640 x 480
HD (High Definition)720p16:91280 x 720
Full HD (FHD)1080p16:91920 x 1080
QHD (Quad HD)1440p16:92560 x 1440
2K video1080p1:1.772048 x 1080
4K video or Ultra HD (UHD)4K or 2160p1:1.93840 x 2160
available video resolutions in which our tool can download TikTok videos

Key Features:

  • Download TikTok video without watermark
  • TikTok to MP4 CONVERTER: Convert TikTo to MP4 with few clicks
  • Download TikTok in HD Quality: yes, Using tiktokdownloadhd.com, you can download your desired TikTok videos in HD quality for offline viewing and ride-sharing with your friends, Family and on other social media platforms
  • Save No-Watermark TikTok videos into you cell phone, Tablet, Laptop, pc: Our tool helps you save TikTok videos without any watermark or logo.
  • Fast and Secure: This tool is fast and Secure and doesn’t asks you to register, login or give your personal details. using our tool, you can download any public TikTok video with few clicks.
  • Compatibility: It works in every Device, and supports all operating Systems including Android, iOS, Windows
  • Freedom: No need to download any app or software on your device. In order to Download TikTok videos using our tool, all you need to is a web browser and an internet connection. It can be open and use in all web browsers including, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Yandex, Samsung browser, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Bing and many more.

How to Download TikTok video on your phone by using our TikTok video downloader

If you want to download TikTok video without watermark using a mobile phone, the procedure is simple and straightforward.

Open TikTok mobile app on your android phone and choose the TikTok video you want to download. On the video page, at the bottom right, you will see an arrow shaped”Share Button” as shown in the screenshot below:

screenshot image of a TikTok video showing the "Share" button. The button is encircled for clear understanding

Upon clicking on “share” button, a small window will popup showing several options including “Copy link” button. See the screenshot below for clear understanding:

Screenshot of a TikTok video showing "Copy link" button which is used to Copy s TikTok video link
image via TikTok

Now you have your desired TikTok video link copied at your phone’s clipboard. Open any web browser eg. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. and visit tiktokdownloadhd.com. Paste the link in the input box manually or by clicking “Paste from clipboard” button. Our tool can detect the url on your clipboard automatically. See the screenshot below:

screenshot of input box on this TikTok video downloader tool shows where can you paste TikTok video link and it shows the "download" button

Now click on “Download” button as shown in the image above. Our tool will process your request to download TikTok video and will show you a preview of the video. It will also show you the list of available video resolutions to be downloaded.

Screenshot image shows the list of available video formats to be downloaded by TikTok video downloader

You can choose Video from without watermark, HD, MP4, or with watermark. Click on your desired resolution. Our TikTok video downloader will process the video and will remove its water mark. Within few seconds, No-Watermark TikTok Video will be saved onto your device and you can find it in “Downloads” folder.

How to Download TikTok video without watermark using iPhone

The process of downloading TikTok videos on iPhone and iOS tablet is simple as below:

  • Open TikTok app on your apple iPhone
  • choose the TikTok video you want to download without watermark
  • Click on share button to copy the video link
  • open our TikTok video downloader in Safari browser
  • paste the video link in the input field, located on the top
  • click on download button and choose HD quality from the given options

That’s it. TikTok video will be downloaded into your iPhone

How to Download no-watermark TikTok video on a PC or laptop

Process of downloading TikTok videos without watermark using computer or laptop is as simple as above:

  • Visit https://www.tiktok.com in any web browser in your PC or laptop
  • choose the TikTok video you wish to save into your laptop and copy its link from the “address bar” or by clicking the “Share” button
  • visit https://tiktokdownloadhd.com and paste the TikTok video link into the input box
  • click on “Download” button and select “HD” option below the box

That’s it, the TikTok video will be downloaded instantly and you will find it in “Downloads” folder on your laptop or computer.

Start using Tiktokdownloadhd.com to download unlimited TikTok videos without any watermark in HD quality for free and convert as many TikTok to MP4 as much you want.


What is TikTokDownloadHD.com

tiktokdownloadhd.com is a free online TikTok video downloader tool that allows you to download TikTok videos without a watermark in high definition (HD) and convert them to MP4 format.

Do I need to install any software to use this tool?

No, there is no need to install any software. Our tool is web-based and can be accessed directly through your browser at tiktokdownloadhd.com.

Can I use this tool on my mobile device or PC?

Yes, our tool is compatible with mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and tablets. It works seamlessly across all modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Is there limit to how many videos I can download?

No, there is no limit. You can download as many TikTok videos as you like, free of charge.

How do I download a TikTok video using this service?

Simply visit tiktokdownloadhd.com, enter the URL of the TikTok video you wish to download, and follow the on-screen instructions to download the video without a watermark.

Will the downloaded video have a watermark?

No, our tool removes the annoying watermark during the download process, providing you with a clean, watermark-free video in best quality.

Is it legal to download videos from TikTok?

Downloading videos for personal use is generally within legal boundaries, but distributing or using the content commercially without permission may infringe on copyright laws. Always respect the rights of content creators.

What video quality can I expect from the downloaded videos ?

Our tool downloads videos in HD quality, ensuring you get the best viewing experience

How long does it take to download a video ?

The download time may vary depending on the video’s length and your internet connection speed. However, our tool is designed to provide quick and efficient downloads.

Who can I contact if I encounter issues with the tool

For any technical difficulties or inquiries, please reach out to our support team.

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